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Jeffersons Ocean Bourbon

Jefferson's Ocean Small Batch Whiskey

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Jefferson's Ocean Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Very Small Batch. Aged at Sea.

What began as a fun experiment has resulted in a scientific approach to the maturation process of Bourbon. When whiskey was first distilled in Kentucky, it received unintentional extra age travelling on rivers and seas en route to market. This was not just due to the lengthy trips but also the movement of the ship which forced the liquid in the whiskey barrels to be in constant motion coming in contact with the wood more often. At Jefferson's we wanted to tip our hat to this tradition by aging bourbon at sea. We put fully matured Kentucky bourbon on a ship and set it on it's way to crossing the equator 4 times, stopping at 5 continents and over 30 different ports. This process had added salty, caramel elements that round out the bourbon's profile to create an American treasure that has been cultured as it travels the globe.


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